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César Lucas Abreu

Since mid eighties, César Lucas Abreu has been working as an independent photographer for a number of media. In his career there are highlight in his features produced for Viajar, one of the leading reference magazines in Spain. His contemporary sight has captured images of over 55 countries. A part from his landscapes, his portraits and social witness images are specially outstanding and a result of his natural empathy. His personal approach enables him to get close and spontaneous photographs. This complicity adds with his good Keeling and his technical capabilities to get the best result. Lucas Abreu does not search for or is interested in grandiloquent styles, he tries to capture and show the beauty of things as they are; one expression, the skin, an attitude, a gesture, a everyday life scene…with impeccable technical skills. His images are news because the object captured is the main character and not the photographer, that always fades in the background. Thanks to his trips, he has grown in all the fields and has matured maintaining the fresh look that always suprimes. His photographs arouse curiosity, inform, motivate to travel and communicate emotions, overall, objectives of this trade. Although he has mastered in travel Photo-journalism, Lucas Abreu has also developed his work in topical subjects and various features for the most relevant companies and editorials.


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